Over the Hills and Far Away

Between the city of New Orleans and La Place Parish, sits the sweet little rock club, Bougainvillea. All of NOLA’s finest up-and-coming rockers grace that stage before making it big.

NOLA’s Junk is no exception. Young, raw, these boys rock their neighborhood hard.

While up on stage, one face stands out for Phil. She’s the freshest, most interesting girl he’s ever seen. Captivated, he finds Kenna after the set, celebrating with her two best friends.

A few hours of getting to know each other, and Phil is hooked on Kenna. Just as things are looking bright for these two, NOLA’s Junk are called away to sign the record deal that will propel them into fame and glory.

In a moment that cements something profound and deep between them, Phil kisses Kenna. He simply can’t help himself.

“Don’t go anywhere,” he tells her.

Timing is everything, and Fate throws down her hand. Kenna and her friends are kicked out of Bougainvillea as the club closes its doors for the night, separating Phil from his Baby Girl.

Years pass, with both of them going their separate ways. The only thing is…neither of them could forget that one moment. Their lives are so very different, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

This is the story of how they find each other once more.


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